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Our services

We provide global high-tech companies with Subsidiary Company Management, Pre and After-sale Technical Support, and Project Delivery Services in Australia.

Pre and After-Sale Technical Support

Our technical team has an academic background in telecommunications, automation, and computer knowledge.

Our members have worked as senior core network engineers and access network product managers at Huawei. One of our core members is currently working as an IT support engineer at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Another one of our members was awarded a Rockwell Automation Scholarship during his college years.

After receiving short-term training from you, we can provide local technical support services for your equipment and systems in Australia, including maintenance service, product quality rectification, spare part management, etc.

Project Delivery

With rich Huawei project management experience, we are qualified to deliver your project, including project bidding, project implementation, subcontractor management, budget implementation, and so on.

Country Representative

On behalf of your company, we can visit customers regularly, maintain customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction, participate in exhibitions, etc.

Our team

Our team includes senior former Huawei Australia project managers, former Huawei Australian accountants, former Huawei engineers, etc.

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About us

The Australian echidna is a small mammal with short, powerful limbs and large claws. It feeds on ants and termites and is covered in hair and spines. It has lived on Earth for more than 50 million years.


Echidnas-Tech is a small Australian company with flexible working methods, strong technical strength, and experience; it charges little, but contributes a lot; since its establishment, it has set a long-term business goal; its professional team and core technology help It resists various business risks.


Echidnas-Tech is committed to providing professional and flexible solutions for global small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises to expand their business in Australia.


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